Firm Overview

Why Should You Retain John W. Gibson to Handle Your Legal Issue?
The short answer: Mr. Gibson has the experience and knowledge to properly handle your matter, and provides the personal service and attention to instill the confidence and peace of mind that you are receiving the quality representation you seek.

Experience and Knowledge:

What does our experience and knowledge mean to you?

It means that we understand the law and legal process, and that our advice is based on a wealth of experience and knowledge. Mr. Gibson has been practicing law since 1980. Over the course of 25-plus years, he has assisted hundreds of individuals, like you, with their consumer debt issues and drunk driving charges.

In addition to understanding the law and the legal process, Mr. Gibson is an extensively experienced negotiator. A knowledgeable negotiator is important in negotiating with creditors, and can sometimes make the difference in avoiding bankruptcy. Skilled negotiations are also important when discussing plea bargains for DUI.

His ability to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your situation and legal issues contributes to his skill as a successful negotiator. He utilizes his knowledge, experience, and skill to work toward your favorable settlement or plea by emphasizing those strengths and minimizing the weaknesses.

Personal Service and Attention:

You will appreciate the high level of service and respect you receive from Mr. Gibson. He will take the time to listen to you, explain the law and legal process to you, and provide you with knowledgeable advice based on over 25 years of experience.

In addition, he understands your anxiety. Mr. Gibson is proactive in communicating with you regarding any changes to the status of your matter, or any settlement or plea offers he receives.

You will receive the highest level of personal service, and your matter will receive careful attention. You will feel confident that your legal matter is in capable hands.