Debt Relief Attorney

Does financial strain have you at your wit’s end? Do you have a debt problem? Overwhelmed with debt? Are creditors harassing or threatening you?

Attorney John W. Gibson has over 25 years of experience representing clients throughout the communities in and around Downtown in need of debt relief services.

We understand your anxiety, and have the experience and compassion to provide you with the representation you seek. We are never judgmental, and will take the time to listen to and assess your situation and then offer experienced advice on your best course of action. For information about our firm, our qualifications, and the high level of personal attention we give every client, please visit our Firm Overview page.

Our Debt Relief Practice
Unlike many firms that focus solely on bankruptcy as a means of debt relief, we are a full-service consumer debt relief firm that provides the following debt relief services:

Negotiations Outside of Bankruptcy – If you like, we can negotiate a payment plan with your creditors outside of bankruptcy and can often provide favorable terms to facilitate a structured payment plan, unsecured debt consolidation, or debt settlement tailored to meet your specific needs.
Defending Collection and Foreclosure Suits – If you are being sued for a debt, harassed by a creditor, or threatened with foreclosure, we can help.
Credit Repair – We can assist you in repairing your credit and ensuring that credit agencies are accurately reporting your debts.
Consumer Bankruptcy – We can help you determine if filing bankruptcy would be beneficial and, if so, assist you in filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.