Have You Been Injured In An Car Accident?

Have You Been Injured In An Car Accident?

Auto accident attorneys can help you if you have been involved in an accident. It isn’t always necessary to contact a lawyer, but unfortunately insurance companies don’t always play fair.

If you feel the need to seek legal advice to determine how you can defend your rights against your offender, don’t hesitate to do so. Be assured that car accident attorneys exist in order to help you wade through the legal process and receive fair compensation for your damages and loss. Car Accident Attorneys

Why have you become a road accident victim, you ask? Though regulations for safe driving are in place, there still exist certain situations that are beyond your control. Drunk driving and negligence are among these unfortunate circumstances. To combat these circumstances, victims should seek lawful compensation and a verdict for the accused in cases of fatalities. To receive rightful compensation, consulting with car accident attorneys will help ensure a successful outcome.

Our law firm has a list of lawyers, paralegals, investigators, administrative staff and legal assistants who are well-equipped with experience and knowledge to assist you in your case. These professionals are a good choice to provide assistance as you go through the tedious and often draining legal process.

For years now, our car accident attorneys have been the confidante of innocent car accident victims. Call us for a free consultation.

Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

The prospect of losing your freedom and driving privileges, paying high fines and increased insurance premiums, and potentially suffering a criminal record, can be daunting and overwhelming. You want experienced legal representation and an aggressive defense to protect your interests and fight for your rights.

Attorney John W. Gibson defends clients charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and Driving After Imbibing (DAI). Mr. Gibson has over 25 years experience assisting and aggressively defending clients throughout the criminal process. He takes the time to explain the laws, the criminal process, and your options.

For additional information about our firm, our qualifications, and the high level of personal attention we provide our clients, please visit our Firm Overview page. For information about the benefits of retaining a lawyer, please visit our Why You Should Retain a DUI Defense Attorney page.

Skilled Drunk Driving (DUI-DWI-DAI) Defense Lawyer
If you are the subject of a DUI arrest, we have the skills, education, and knowledge to provide you with an aggressive defense. We have experience with all aspects of DUI offenses, including the following:

Bond hearings and preliminary motions – including motions to preclude evidence or statements illegally or unconstitutionally obtained
Administrative hearings – a civil hearing that must be requested with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation regarding the suspension of your driving privileges DUI-DWI-DAI Penalties – including different levels of intoxication and repeat offenders
Underage Drinking and Driving – including teenage drunk driving and DUI offenses involving minors
DUI defense for CDL holders – including the consequences of a conviction and the different thresholds for commercial driver’s license holders, such as truck drivers and bus drivers
DUI appeals – including analyzing your trial for prejudicial error, filing your appeal, preparing a brief, and arguing your appeal in appellate court

Contact an Experienced DUI-DWI-DUI Defense Attorney
The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can apply our knowledge and skill to your case. Additionally, if we represent you in your administrative hearing, we can often obtain valuable information that may assist us in your criminal defense.

Why You Should Retain a DUI Attorney

Drunk Driving Terminology

DUI – Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

DWI – Driving while impaired or driving while intoxicated

OWI – Operating while imbibing, intoxicated, or impaired

BAC – Blood alcohol content

Breathalyzer – Machine for a breath test to measure your BAC

CDL – Commercial driver’s license

Attorney John W. Gibson defends clients arrested for DUI (driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol) and DAI (driving after imbibing) in Pennsylvania. Below we would like to enumerate and elaborate on some of the reasons you should consider hiring a DUI defense attorney to represent you against your DUI or DAI charges, including, foremost, the possibility of winning.

Why Hire a DUI Defense Attorney?
There are several reasons to retain a DUI defense attorney if you are arrested for drunk driving, including if you are a minor arrested for DUI or a CDL holder arrested for DUI. Those reasons include the following:

Understanding the Consequences; the Possibility of Winning

The consequences of a DUI conviction can include going to jail, high fines, suspended driver’s license, high insurance rates, and a criminal record.

Because the consequences can be dire, and vary depending on your particular circumstances, an experienced DUI lawyer can help you understand the laws and potential consequences as they apply to you. Experienced representation can also ensure that all the factors surrounding your arrest are fully investigated, such as the possibility that the police lacked probable cause when detaining you at the initial stop.

Experience With DUI Charges

An experienced DUI attorney understands the importance of your BAC at the time of a DUI arrest, and can properly challenge these tests, which can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case.

Mr. Gibson has over 25 years’ experience aggressively defending clients charged with DUI. He knows how to properly analyze your case and determine when a plea or a trial is in your best interest.

In addition, our experience becomes more important if you are a repeat offender or if an accident occurred, because the consequences can be even more severe. We can assist you in your quest to limit your damages or penalties, including avoidance of substantial jail time.

Contact an Experienced DUI-DWI-OWI-DAI Defense Lawyer
The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can begin working on your behalf. In many cases, if we represent you in your administrative driver’s license suspension hearing, we can obtain valuable information that may assist us in your criminal defense. There are time limits, so please contact us ASAP.