Credit Repair Lawyer

Is your credit report accurate? Have you been discharged from bankruptcy and still see debts showing up on your credit report? Do you need help negotiating the amount or terms of your debts? Questions about credit after bankruptcy?

Your credit score can be harmed by errors in your credit report. The major credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union) are obligated to provide requesting companies an accurate credit report.

Unfortunately, some creditors or debt purchasers will park your debt during bankruptcy* and then attempt collection after the debt is discharged. When that happens, we can help.

Attorney John W. Gibson has been assisting clients with their credit repair issues since 1980. Please visit our Firm Overview page for information about us, our qualifications, and our service.

What Should I Do About Credit Reporting Errors?
You should request a copy of your credit report, which can be obtained for free by visiting If you completed a bankruptcy, complied with the settlement terms of any agreement outside of bankruptcy, or otherwise paid off your debts, then your credit report should indicate a zero balance next to that or those creditor(s).

If your credit report indicates an error or errors, you should send a dispute letter with proof that the debt was discharged. We can assist you in reviewing your debts to determine which are collectible, and also assist you with drafting the dispute letter, if necessary.

If the credit bureau does not correct your credit report, we can file a lawsuit compelling them to make the corrections and to request compensation under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

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